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Diggin these cheap ass shades. #sunglasses #Amazon #cheap #inexpensive #shades #mensfashion
Jul 26, 2014 / 2 notes

Diggin these cheap ass shades. #sunglasses #Amazon #cheap #inexpensive #shades #mensfashion

Jul 9, 2014 / 1 note

A Clandestine Meeting

I was on Tinder and came across a strange profile that mentioned keeping things discrete. I swiped right on the off chance that this was a legit profile. Low and behold, we matched up and not even 5 minutes later, I received a short message from her. 

We got to chatting and she mentioned how the men that she has met on Tinder, the ‘hookup site’, was full of clingy guys. Apparently this woman was looking for something more physical rather than chemistry or emotional ties. We kept chatting and finally agreed to meeting up for lunch. Now mind you, this could turn out to be a catfish kind of situation cause the only pic she provided of herself was very, very, very out of focus.

Fast forward, I’m sitting at the bar and she shoots me a text to tell me she is running late. 20 minutes later she arrives and thank goodness she is an attractive woman. We order drinks and begin chatting. Now during our 2 hour conversation, she mentions quite frequently how the men she has been dating never make a move. She has been on several dates and is beginning to feel unattractive. I offer some reassurance but I can tell this is not a woman lacking in confidence. 

After lunch, we take a walk and then I slowly lead her away from the walking path. I grab her by the waist and gently pin her up against the rail, surrounding her with my arms. I look at her, she shyly looks away and I go in for the kiss. She sort of giggles and says she really has to get back to work. I laugh cause throughout lunch she says how the men she has been dating are not aggressive. I chuckle and tell her she is all talk. We begin to walk back and the entire time I’m giggling to myself. Finally she stops me and begins to kiss me. Ahhh…she likes to be in charge. I noticed during our lunch, she was the one serving the drinks, the one ordering, etc. I’m not against a woman taking charge but it’s definitely out of the norm for me. 

Shortly after a few minutes of making out, she does tell me that she has to get back to work but she would like to see me again. We begin to make our way back but I do stop her for one more kiss and then we walk our separate ways. 

Found this cool old Sony case sitting in the trash room. Cleaned it up and made use of it. Watches, tie bars, sunglasses, etc.
Jul 9, 2014 / 1 note

Found this cool old Sony case sitting in the trash room. Cleaned it up and made use of it. Watches, tie bars, sunglasses, etc.

Jul 7, 2014 / 1 note


Not yet tailored and the tag is still on the sleeve! I had been wanting this navy blue tux for quite a while but once I was able to score it on clearance, I pounced on it! Regular price was like $376 but I was able to score it for under 200 bucks!



Pool Gear #shorts #shades #sunglasses
Jul 4, 2014

Pool Gear #shorts #shades #sunglasses

Jul 2, 2014 / 1 note

She Had Freckles

Freckles was lovely. Free spirited, intelligent, wild. I remember while I was working from home, she stopped by one day during lunch.

"Hey babe, I brought you a sandwich," she said as she walked through the door. We walked into my room and as I was about to sit down and begin eating, she lies on my bed and says, "go eat your sandwich and then come do me once your done and all washed up." Freckles removed all of her clothing and laid there nude, just waiting for me to be all done.

I think about her freckles sometimes. They were beautiful.

Women, the one and only vice. #blackandwhite #artsy #silhouette
Jul 2, 2014

Women, the one and only vice. #blackandwhite #artsy #silhouette

Jun 27, 2014 / 1 note

Befriend Your Past Lovers

Time after time, I hear male friends say they would never again talk to past lovers. Why? I think befriending your exes or sexual tryst partners is a good thing. 

A. You may always have the chance to sleep with her again.

B. She can give you insight on what you did right and wrong in bed. A female perspective is a powerful thing to have as a single man.

My advice, be upfront about what you want and always try to end things on good terms. Allow things to mellow out and then reach out to her.  

Many of the women that I have slept with remain friends and that’s cause I can keep it friendly even after the trysts we shared. Yes I still find them attractive but I’m a man that can control his sexual urges.

Jun 27, 2014 / 1 note


You look at her, she looks back at you. The vibe feels right. She’s playing with her hair, giving you those flirty eyes and you finally decide to go in for the kiss and then…REJECTION! That dreadful inevitable occurrence that happens to the best of us. How to recover? 

My advice, own it. Laugh it off and resume the conversation and put it behind you. There is no reason to get mad or frustrated. Chalk it up to bad timing or maybe you both just ate garlic and the breath wasn’t right or maybe she just wasn’t feeling you. 

Don’t get awkward and ruin the rest of the evening, simply forage ahead. There may come a time that she doesn’t smack you in the face and finally allows you to kiss her beautiful lips or maybe you will never see her again.  

Jun 20, 2014 / 2 notes

Be a Man

There are still some women our there that want their men to take charge. Whether it be at a restaurant, a crowded club, with her friends & family or in bed. We live in a day and age where all we hear is about being equals and I completely stand by that frame of mind…BUT there is a time and a place when a man needs to be man.

Understand the woman you’re dating. Understand what her needs are. Understand what turns her on. If you pay attention and really know her, then you’ll be able to score some big points when the moment comes for you to be her real man.